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On a volunteer service trip with Projects Abroad, you will have the opportunity to explore a number of different destinations and choose from a variety of projects. Projects Abroad currently operates programs in 29 different countries throughout the world, such as Cambodia, Morocco, Peru, Ghana, and Romania, as well as many others. Each of these destinations is rich in unique cultural traditions and customs that many of our volunteers find very interesting and exciting. No matter your choice of destination or project, you will have an important role to play and your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

Flexible Volunteering Abroad

Projects Abroad’s volunteer service trips offer a plethora of diverse programs. Since Projects Abroad does not have set start and end dates, the time and duration of your project is incredibly flexible. It does not matter if you are interested in teaching, medicine, conservation or working with orphans, we can find the perfect project for you. Many of our volunteers are people who have decided to take a gap year, career break, or volunteer vacation, but many just decided they needed a change of pace. Whether you’d like to volunteer over your winter break, during the summer, or over spring break, we offer projects as short as two weeks, some designed specifically for high school students. So whether you have twelve weeks or two weeks, we have the project for you to truly make an impact on the lives of others as well as your own by being an international volunteer with Projects Abroad.

Beyond the Service Trips

Dirty weekend

Every service trip abroad has so much to offer you outside of your project work. Projects Abroad volunteers are encouraged to explore neighboring countries and immerse themselves in the different cultures. During your leisure time you can learn about the different foods, religions and histories in whatever destination country you choose.

To help you become fully immersed in the local culture, you will be placed in a host family wherever possible. This way you have the opportunity to ask questions and experience a new culture in the most authentic way possible, as part of a family. With each country and culture being so diverse and unique, volunteers experience things with their host families they would not have been able to see if they had travelled as tourists. If you would like to discover a new country while making a difference, a service trip abroad with Projects Abroad is perfect for you!


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