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Care & Community volunteers show the world to Mexican children

World map project

Volunteers and children at the 'Casa Juan Diaz' care home in Mexico have been working hard to complete a large-scale map of the world.


Each year Projects Abroad sends an increasing number of volunteers to a variety of overseas destinations to offer their help working on a broad range of projects. Our volunteers are not just from the UK, but are from all over the world; in Mexico there are currently volunteers from Germany, Holland, Sweden, America and even Australia.


When Karin Gaebel and Florence Haeneke, both from Karin, Rachel and Florence taking a break Germany, arrived in Mexico to work on a Care & Community project they wanted to ensure that the time they spent with the children was to be educational as well as enjoyable. They told us:


"We spent a lot of time thinking about the activities we could do in which children of a variety of ages could participate and that everyone would benefit from. Ever since we arrived the children have always been asking us, 'where are you from?' When I showed them Germany on a map of the world it looked incredibly small, especially in comparison to Mexico. Many of the children thought that Germany was a state and not a country, because of how tiny it was."

The finished world map


Realising that the children had very little knowledge of the world helped to inspire Karin and Florence to come up with the perfect activity:


"We decided that creating a large-scale map of the world would enable the children to see where volunteers are from and every volunteer who works at the orphanage would be able to put a mark on the map as to where they are from. We also thought that this was a great way to brighten up the orphanage, as the walls are very dull and we felt we needed to inject a bit of life into the place."

Volunteers in front of the map


After three weeks of dedicated work, the map is now finally complete and is hanging proudly on the wall. However, the work doesn't stop there, as they are now planning to create a large map of Mexico to be placed by its side.



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