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Monks bless volunteer house and office in Cambodia

Volunteers and monks at ceremony

In Cambodia tradition dictates that when a new house or building is in use, Buddhist monks should attend a ceremony to officially bestow their blessings.

Projects Abroad invited the monks to bless both our new volunteer house, where many of the Cambodia volunteers live, and our Cambodia office. The ceremony was attended by the all of the Cambodia volunteers, Projects Abroad - Cambodia director, Simon Petro, plus invitees from the District Authority, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from various local NGOs. Our Thailand director, David Long was also on a visit to Cambodia and enjoyed taking part in the festivities. After the ceremony everyone stayed on to have a dinner party together.


Simon Petro receiving blessing

Cambodia director, Simon Petro commented 'all of our volunteers enjoyed the party very much, it was a chance for them to meet a diverse mix of Cambodian people from monks to ministers and discuss the work we are doing and how we are able to help in Cambodia.'



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