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Happy 800th Birthday Mongolia!

Children's horse race

If we could choose a destination of the year for our website, this year Mongolia would probably win! 2006 marks the 800th Anniversary of the founding of the Mongolian Empire and the country is dedicating the entire year to celebrating the occasion.

Many of the festivities celebrate the legendary Genghis Khan, remembered for his incomparable leadership of the clans of Mongolia and the unification of the Mongol nation.

For any volunteers in Mongolia this year, the variety of events taking place is staggering; visit a cultural or art exhibition, dance display, opera, or concert. For those looking for something a little more unusual try the throat singing or reindeer herder festivals, watch the Miss Image of Gengis Khan Mongolia competition and join in the swan gathering tour before enjoying a game of yak polo! The highlight of the year is the Naadam Festival which takes place in Ulaanbaatar in July. This festival brings together over one thousand of Mongolia’s top sports men to compete in the sports of wrestling, archery and horse riding, all skills which ensured Genghis Khan’s supremacy in Asia 800 years ago.


Our Country Director in Mongolia, Oko Togtunny tells us, ‘this year would be a fantastic time to be a volunteer in Mongolia, we have a bigger choice of projects than ever and the chance to experience the anniversary festivities as the locals do is not to be missed!’

Nadaam Festival



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