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New Crocodile Conservation Project in Mexico

Baby crocodiles

The work at our Coastal Conservation Project in Mexico has always been varied, combining work with several species of endangered sea turtles and wildlife studies of birds, mammals and reptiles found in the area.

However, we can now add Crocodile Conservation as another vital aspect of our Mexico Conservation Program.

Our Conservation Manager, Oliver Garcia tells us about the new work.

‘Whilst all the activities are running well this year on our Conservation Program, we are particularly excited about the successful start of our Crocodile Project at the Crocodile Farm “La Colorada”.Crocodile close-up

Located in a large lagoon called Lacuzahue just 20 minutes away from our head quarters at the biological station (The Turtle Camp) in Tecoman, it is run by Don Chuy who has been working there for the last 15 years and who is really happy to have us there helping him out with the daily activities. At the moment we visit the farm once a week, but as we pass in to the next stages of the biological work our volunteers will have the opportunity to work there three times a week. The work there is hard and challenging but highly exciting at the same time.

At the moment the activities are focused on the newborn crocodiles, and the Projects Abroad volunteers will be involved in the construction of a new aqua-terrarium for them. This new terrarium will provide protection to the baby crocodiles from predators such as birds and small Sunset from the camp mammals.

In the future we are looking forward to developing and assisting with a crocodile release program, which aims to improve the numbers of the endangered crocodiles in the wild.



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