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Senegal Volunteer Sings at Jazz Festival

Performers at festival The town of St Louis, Projects Abroad's base in Senegal is well known because of its international Jazz festival. People travel from all over the world to play, watch and appreciate the music in St Louis.

This year the festival lasted for 4 days from Thursday to Sunday. Each evening the local bars were heaving with people, both Senegalese and foreign, and the atmosphere was incredible.

This year held special importance for Projects Abroad because one of the volunteers (Heidi Goldsmith) was participating. She was singing with a local Senegalese band in both Wolof and French and had been rehearsing for weeks in preparation for the festival. Heidi took to the stage on both The Thursday night and the Saturday night. Her performance was amazing and all the volunteers and Projects Abroad team were very proud.

Jazz band

The town of St Louis was completely transformed during the festival, not only was there a feeling of excitement and anticipation in the air but also, in the town square, there were lots of local crafts on display. The big Place Faidherbe in the center of St Louis had been shut off to make room for a huge market selling all sorts of different things, from traditional clothes to beautiful silver Mauritanian jewelry.

The volunteers were extremely tired after the festival had come to an end. Most of the performances and famous bands played late into the night and most people did not go to bed before 3am. However it was an event that was not to be missed and we hope that next year is as good as 2008.



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