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Projects Abroad Volunteers Make Big Difference in Indian Clinic

Clinic reception area Projects Abroad volunteers are now making a big difference at a village health clinic in Tamil Nadu, Southern India.

The Rayagiri Village Clinic was opened on 1 March 2009, with the intention of serving the village and the initial hope was that it would cater to 40 patients a day. Yet within the first week of its opening, this proved to be a gross underestimation as up to 120 patients attend daily. Former volunteer Juliana Thompson notes that 'this means that staff are often stretched, particularly during evening sessions, which provides volunteers with opportunities to assist with a number of procedures.'

The village has a population of 10,000 and is relatively poor. The nearest private hospitals are over an hour’s drive away and private healthcare is very expensive. This means that hospital care is very inaccessible to many of the villagers who rely on walking or cycling to receive costly treatment. As Thompson remarks "the village clinic has therefore quickly become an integral part of Rayagiri and has been warmly welcomed."

Street outside the clinic

Depending on the level of a volunteer’s experience, a volunteer working with Projects Abroad at this clinic could be doing anything from observing the doctor’s surgery and assisting the lab technician with blood and urine analysis to helping in all areas of outpatient medical care, nursing and health promotion.

A placement in Rayagiri Village Clinic is an incredibly rewarding experience that provides the chance to see and experience traditional Tamil life and the hospitality of the Tamil people. It is a wonderful opportunity to make a significant difference to the community by contributing funds, skills and time to a much needed health care service.



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