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New Year Celebrations

Shanghai at night

Happy New Year from all at Projects Abroad.

One of the great things about Projects Abroad is seeing the contrasting ways that our destinations celebrate different events.

I recall my time as a Projects Abroad volunteer in Moldova.  New Year was the big celebration with lots of Moldovan food and wine.  We ate and drank before singing (or listening) to a Moldovan sing song around the piano.  We celebrated three midnights with Moscow New Year, Chisinau New Year followed by London New Year.

Out in Mexico a few years later I had just arrived and really wanted to sleep off the jet lag but the Mexican team insisted that we partied with lots of food and drink.  On the dot of midnight we had to eat a grape for each dong of the bells and make a wish.  We then got involved in bashing a piñata which was fun.

Jette Romey from Germany celebrated New Year in Sri Lanka this year, she tells us;

“We stayed at home and had a nice home-cooked Sri Lankan dinner with all kinds of curries, rice and hoppers. At around 12pm the family started to boil milk. They prepare a sweet milk rice with the boiling milk and make little rice balls out of it containing coconut and honey. The whole family then passed on blessings to each other for the coming year. It is a very interesting and much calmer way to celebrate New Year’s Eve than in Germany!”

Elaine Wynn recalls her New Year in Ghana;

“I spent New Years Eve at a street party in Ghana. The main shopping street in Accra was closed to all traffic. The road was absolutely packed with people dancing to local performers on a makeshift stage. It was an unforgettable evening and the party continued into the early hours.”

Michael Harms from our German office says;

“This year, I spent New Year's Eve with some of my friends at the Polish border. It was freezing with a great deal of snow, but that did not stop us from drinking champagne and meeting with locals at the biggest church in town to see the beautiful fireworks with lots of rockets and crackers. It took more than an hour, and everybody was happy welcoming 2010.”

Some of our destinations have yet to celebrate New Year such as China which has to wait until February and Ethiopia until September.

A very happy New Year to everyone.

Ian Birbeck – Recruitment Director



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