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Romania Drama Volunteers Host Charity Event

Romania Drama Volunteers Host Charity Event

Monday night last week was a big night for Projects Abroad Romania volunteers as they held a drama charity event for the Vulcani Hospital, and presented the talent behind their very own drama program Black Juice.

Titled as To Love Is To Give, To Give Is To Receive, the evening consisted of sketches performed by Black Juice and members of the Projects Abroad drama program as well as many guest performances, including salsa dances and vocal presentations.

The event contained 10 performances in total, including salsa dancing by members of Salsa Picante and Step in2 Salsa dance groups, vocal performances from the Brasov Art School and sketches from the Projects Abroad drama volunteers.

The night was widely attended by students, family of the performers and community members. Throughout the evening we were presented with comic relief, dance routines, and vocal performances that were impressive and entertaining. It shined a light on a great cause and provided a night of fun and excitement.

Alexandra Ichim

Drama & Journalism Supervisor



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