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Projects Abroad’s Jenny Shulman Addresses Karpagam University Students in India

Volunteers with children

On Friday 29th July, Jenny Shulman, who works with our team in India gave a speech at Karpagam University. This university is in the Southern Indian town of Coimbatore. Her talk was on the value of volunteering. It was part of a cross cultural information sharing day. Speaking to over 60 students in the Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Humanities, Shulman addressed students wanting to go on to become social workers and educators.

Shulman stated that: ‘There has been a major focus in the last few decades on economic development as a solution to these problems. However, economic development is not enough to tackle these obstacles. We also need to develop social human capital and cultural understanding to make positive change in the world.’

Talking about the power and value of volunteering, she made the argument that economic development can only go so far. The value of volunteering may not, of itself, change the world but it is the tool by which we can make a vital difference to individuals. She told the students that: ‘It may be true that one person cannot solve the economic crisis or end a war, but one person can mend a wound or teach someone to read.’

Shulman was accompanied by five volunteers; Emmy de Pierpont from Belgium, Charlotte Weber from Germany, Benedetta Pavesi from Italy, Soule'fe Fedaoui from France and Wendy McMillan from New Zealand. These volunteers currently work in one of our Care projects. After the talk, the students were shown the work that Projects Abroad does year round caring for young children at the orphanage, Families for Children in Madurai.

Shulman closed by telling the students that ‘the social human capital you possess will play a vital role in whether India not only overcomes its own challenges, but assists other nations to face theirs.’



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