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Veterinary Outreach to Vilachery

Veterinary outreach

Last Friday 29th July a team from Projects Abroad visited the small town of Vilachery to conduct our regular veterinary outreach trips to local villages around Madurai. This village is just a few miles from the famous local rock temple close to the Projects Abroad office. There were eight volunteers along with five staff members as well as a team of local vets.

Word got round quickly of the arrival of the team with locals appearing with over 150 animals in the two hours. There were sheep, cows and goats. It created quite a situation with animals covering the main road and disrupting the local traffic. The local drivers had no hesitation in hitting their horns to get passed the assembled throng of animals, volunteers and staff.

The main work going on was innoculating the animals against disease as well as some artificial insemination. Two stars of the show were the handsomely decorated, ornately sheared Rams painted with pink paint. It turned out these are used in local ram fights organised nearby. After a couple of hours of busy work a welcome cup of local coffee was taken from the local "Starbucks".

The locals really seemed to appreciate the visit of the veterinary team. They were then invited to visit the local craftspeople who are famous for casting and firing clay versions of local deities. It was fascinating to see the small cottage industry producing models that are sold all over Southern India.

The next outreach will take place on Friday 13th August.



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